AOL Password Reset Not Working? Resolve the Problem

AOL Password Reset Not Working
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AOL is one of the most used email services. However, sometimes, users may forget their account’s password. When this happens, it is essential to recover and reset it. But most people don’t know the correct process of doing so. Thus, they face AOL password reset problems. AOL password reset not working is a common issue that many AOL users encounter. There can be various causes for this issue. But it’s possible to reset the password. You must know the corrective actions you can take and some preventive measures that will not make you face password reset problems. In this article, you’ll find possible reasons and effective troubleshooting techniques for this issue.


Reasons for AOL Password Reset Not Working

There are many probable reasons for you to face AOL mail password reset problems. Here are some of the highly common causes.

  • The option of recovery isn’t available – Many users try for AOL email password reset and view the recovery questions but cannot answer them properly. It implies that your account has been hacked. The hacker has modified the AOL recovery options. So, you are not getting the option to reset your password.
  • Browser problem – Sometimes, a specific browser may not work with AOL. In this case, you can use another browser or do the password reset through an incognito window.
  • Logging to the AOL account from another system – Sometimes, you’ll face AOL mail password reset problems if you are logging into your account from a different computer.
  • Sending spam content – Perhaps you are sending a lot of spam content via your AOL mail. Then also, you’ll face problems in resetting the password. 


Fixes to Use When You Find AOL Password Reset Not Working

There are various ways to fix the password reset problem on AOL. All these methods are described in detail below. 


AOL password recovery via Google Chrome

It is easy to recover your AOL password through Google Chrome. Launch the web browser and follow the steps below.

  • Tap the menu icon that’s present on the top right-sidebar. Then tap ‘Settings.’
  • Go down the window, and tap on the option of ‘Passwords.’ You can find this option below the ‘Auto-fill‘ option. 
  • You’ll now be able to view a list of all the saved passwords. Here, you should search for your AOL account login credentials.
  • When you see the credentials, tap the ‘Eye‘ button in order to view the password. 
  • Now, you’ll get a prompt for typing in the admin password. When you input the admin password, tap ‘OK.’ Now, you’ll be able to view your account’s password. 

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AOL password recovery via Internet Explorer

If you desire to know how to recover AOL password without phone number and you use Internet Explorer, follow this method. Go to the ‘Control Panel’ and follow the steps below.

  • After going to the Control Panel, tap ‘Internet Explorer.’
  • Next, tap the ‘Content‘ tab.
  • Below the ‘Auto-Complete‘ option, you’ll need to tap on ‘Settings.’
  • Now, you’ll view your login credentials.
  • Locate your AOL account and tap on the Eye button so as to make the password visible. 


Reset AOL password through your phone number

Aol password reset steps

If you are searching for a solution to AOL mail forgotten password, you can also reset it by your phone number. To reset the password via your phone number, open the web browser in your system and follow these points.

  • Navigate to the AOL webmail website.
  • After that, tap the button ‘Login/Join.’
  • Tap’ Trouble in signing in.’
  • You’ll be directed to the page for AOL email password reset.
  • Input your email ID followed by ‘Continue.’
  • You’ll find yourself on a page where you’ll be prompted to send a verification code on the email. You must tap ‘I don’t have access to this email.’
  • Then you’ll receive an option to send the verification code on your mobile. Type it in your password recovery window and hit ‘Continue.’
  • Now you can easily reset your AOL mail password. After creating a fresh password, try logging into your AOL account.


AOL password reset through the email address

Many people don’t have access to their phone numbers. So, they desire to know how to recover AOL passwords without a phone number. Don’t worry. You can easily change your AOL password without a phone number. The same recovery email ID can be used to reset or modify the password. If you have logged into your AOL account from another gadget, you can utilize it as well for resetting the password. Follow these points to recover the account without the phone number.

  • Navigate to the ‘AOL mail Sign-in Helper.’
  • Next, fill in your email ID. Then click ‘Continue.’
  • You will now notice the screen of ‘Send verification.’ Here, tap ‘Yes! I have access to this email.’ If you use another email for verification purposes, you must tap ‘Don’t have access to this email.’
  • Input the code and hit ‘Verify‘ or ‘Continue.’
  • You must now choose ‘Email Address‘ as the ‘Recovery Type‘ and then hit ‘Continue.’
  • You’ll soon get a code on your recovery email ID. Type this code on the screen and follow it by clicking ‘Verify.
  • You’ll notice the AOL password reset screen. Now you can change the AOL password easily.


Modify AOL password via the recovery questions

It is another effective way to resolve the AOL password reset not working‘ issue. Reset the password through recovery questions if you cannot access your email ID or phone number. In this technique, you’ll have to give an answer to security questions.

  • Navigate to the website of ‘AOL Mail Sign-in Helper.’
  • Type your email ID and click ‘Continue.
  • Next, hit ‘Don’t have access to the email address.’
  • You’ll notice the security questions window. Answer the questions correctly, and you’ll receive an option to reset your AOL mail forgotten password
  • After that, you can reset the password easily.

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Final Words

Now you know about all the corrective measures to take whenever you find AOL password reset not working. Follow the various ways and reset the password. Ensure that you create a strong password for your AOL account. If you face any issues resetting the password, feel free to connect with AOL email support services.

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