How to Resolve AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

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How to Resolve AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem

AOL email is hands down a great platform that allows users to access email. In fact, it is due to the feature-rich platform that AOL mail has expanded to various countries. However, it’s still a computer program at the end of the day. So, it’s not immune from technical issues. AOL mail not receiving emails is a frequent problem. Users facing it find that they cannot see any incoming messages when loading the mailbox. Some of them also cannot receive emails. In this article, you’ll find effective resolutions for this common problem.


Why Is Your AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails?

Users generally complain of AOL not receiving emails and wonder why this problem occurred. Some common reasons which result in this issue with your AOL Mail are as follows. 

  • AOL Mail filter is ending emails to a new folder. 
  • Unresponsive outgoing or incoming server.
  • You have enabled AOL forwarding. 
  • The browser cannot load the mailbox. 
  • AOL spam bot considers new emails as spam. 
  • Authentication problem with your AOL account. 
  • Security application is obstructing the communication process. 


Fixes to Use on Finding AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails?

There are various ways to resolve this issue. After going through these fixes and implementing them successfully, you won’t complain that my AOL Mail is not receiving emails.


1. Remove The Present Email Filters

Remove the mail filters when you find your AOL inbox not getting updated with new messages. A filter is likely active, which is preventing new emails from showing up. 

  • Log in to your account and tap ‘Options.’
  • Next, navigate to ‘Mail settings’ and click ‘Filter settings.’
  • On noticing active filters, select them.
  • Lastly, hit the ‘Remove’ button.


2. Switch Off The Forwarding Settings

If you cannot find new emails on your AOL Mail, navigate to ‘Mail Settings.’ The email forwarding feature shouldn’t be active. Disable it by following these points.

  • Log in to your AOL Mail account.
  • Tap’ Options.’
  • Hit the ‘Mail Settings.
  • Next, click the ‘Forwarding Option.’
  • If you find it active, disable it immediately.


3. Examine The Spam Mail Settings

The auto bot systems of AOL work efficiently in detecting spam messages. They become active whenever they notice any suspicious thing in the body of a mail. Those emails are directly transferred to the spam folder. However, when you have kept the settings on a high mode, you will naturally find AOL Mail not receiving emails. It’s because most of the emails will land in the trash rather than the Mail inbox folder. Thus, you must shift the spam settings and change them to a medium level. Follow these points for doing so.

  • Log in to your AOL webmail account.
  • Place the cursor on the different options given below the email address.
  • Then choose ‘Mail Settings.’
  • Now hit the ‘Spam Mail settings’ pane. Then choose the radio tab besides medium.


4. Inspect The Server Settings (IMAP/POP)

If you find that your AOL mail is unable to receive emails on applications, you should check the POP and IMAP settings. It’s possible that there may be a problem with the authorization. Check that you use the details below to configure your account. 

  • is the IMAP server name.
  • 993 is the port number.
  • SSL type is Yes.
  • is the POP3 server name.
  • 995 is the port number.
  • SSL type is Yes.
  • is the SMTP server.
  • 465 is the port number.
  • SSL type is optional.
  • Put your complete AOL email address in the username. 
  • Put your complete AOL password in the password field. 


5. Configure The Browser Settings

If you are not able to receive emails, ensure that you have properly configured the browser settings. You can also factory reset your browser. After doing that, attempt to use your AOL email account. Follow these steps for performing the factory reset in Google Chrome.

  • Launch Chrome and click on ‘Settings.’
  • From the screen’s bottom, choose ‘Advanced.’
  • Below the ‘Reset Settings’ tap ‘Restore Settings.’
  • Windows users can tap ‘Reset Settings‘ under ‘Reset and Clean up.'(You Might Also Like- FIx AOL Gold Not Responding Issue)


Ways to Troubleshoot AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails on iPhone.

Many times, AOL Mail stops loading emails on iPhone or iPad. You can fix this issue by making specific changes. Use the following ways, and you’ll be able to receive emails on your iPhone.


1. Switch Off The Airplane Service

One of the foremost things you must inspect is if you have enabled airplane mode. iPhone users often keep their phone in an airplane or ‘Do Not Disturb mode. If these services are active on your account, you must deactivate them. After that, reload the mailbox.


2. Inspect The Auto Fetch Settings

If you find the mail not updating automatically on your device, inspect the auto fetch settings. If they are disabled, you’ll notice AOL Mail not receiving emails on iPhone. Follow these steps to enable the fetch data and receive emails.

  • Launch ‘Settings‘ and navigate to ‘Mail.’
  • Next, click ‘Mail Settings.’
  • Choose the ‘AOL account.’
  • Lastly, enable ‘Auto fetch data.’


3. Reconfigure Your Account

Use this step if you have used all the techniques above. You can fix this problem by deleting this account from your iPhone and reconfiguring it. Here are the steps you should adhere to.


  • Launch ‘Settings.’ Click on ‘Mail.’
  • After that, tap ‘Accounts.’
  • Noe hit ‘AOL Account.’
  • Press the button ‘Delete Account.’
  • Then press the ‘Delete‘ button.
  • Next, click ‘Add Account.’
  • Then choose ‘AOL‘ from the list you see.
  • Type in your email address and password.
  • Click ‘Next‘ and select ‘Services.’
  • Hit the ‘Done‘ button.

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Final Words

Once you implement these methods, you’ll not find yourself complaining about AOL Mail not receiving emails anymore. Both Windows and iPhone users will find this troubleshooting guide handy. But it’s possible to face this issue even after you implement all the measures. In that case, it’s best to see expert AOL Mail customer support services. The customer support staff will fix this issue speedily for you.

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