Facing Email Login Problems? Contact CenturyLink Tech-Expert

If you are facing a CenturyLink email login issue, then don’t worry. It is absolutely possible that you are incompetent to log in because may possibly you entered the wrong user credentials. Immediately, verify that your username with the CenturyLink domain and consequently the password you are submitting is that the right one. Or certainly, you would probably have overlooked the password, or your account may require been hacked. Therefore, you intend to reset your account password before getting it’s overly late. Also, if you are utilizing your browser having altered its settings, you would like to reset it to default settings. Furthermore, to push your browser more improved within the speed, you would like to clean up the cache as well as cookies from your browser. And lastly, CenturyLink customer service number is the first and main approach to get the solutions for all the technical difficulties that have not been resolved on your own so far. The CenturyLink Email technical support experts are completely self-reliant and competent to handle your login troubles. Moreover, if you are confronting any regrettable condition and feeling helpless then quickly ring the helpline number of CenturyLink that is accessible 24/7 and keep experiencing with this email application.


What Are The Main Advantages Of CenturyLink Email Support Service

If you are using CenturyLink Email Support Service, then you will get various unmatched advantages. Some are listed below:

  • You can easily send 100 Emails in a day or emails maximum by 100 contacts.
  • You will get the ability to send 100 words per hour.
  • For SMTP, the sending limit would be 500 per hour.
  • IP-based send limit would be 50 per 5 minutes.
  • By CenturyLink Email Services, you will also get conversation filters. With the support of these filters, you can easily chase the messages you sent.
  • You will get complete liberty to create different types of folders as well as subfolders just to manage the mail inbox in an organized manner. Along with this, you can also save the specific types of emails in the selected folder.
  • If you want then you can also create a task list, to-do list, and after that set the urgency reminder for your special or crucial emails.
  • Either with the CenturyLink email technical support or CenturyLink chat support, you can straightforward configure CenturyLink email account system settings without so much hard works.
  • One more benefit you can get is that there is an option for creating events such as business appointments, important meetings, and so on.

CenturyLink.Net Email Settings

CenturyLink.Net Email Settings At here, we will explain the simple steps on how to easily set up CenturyLink on iPhone, Android, and Email. You will get the below-listed steps to be extremely easy as you could implement CenturyLink net email settings on your own without any assistance. So, let’s start!

CenturyLink.Net Email Settings For iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and looking for simple ways to set up, then you merely follow these steps to access your CenturyLink email settings on the IOS devices –

  • First of all, go to Settings, and select Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.
  • Hit on the Add Mail Account and submit the following details: -
  • 1. The Hostname must be pop.centurylink.net.
  • 2. The username will have to be the email id.
  • 3. The password must be of your email id.
  • Subsequently, scroll down a little more and tap on the ‘Outgoing Mail Server. Kindly submit the following details: -
  • 1. The Hostname must be pop.centurylink.net.
  • 2. The email must be used as the username.
  • 3. Use your email id strong password as a strong password.
  • After that, strike on the Save button and select your new email id from the following screen.
  • Hit on the Main Server and simply select pop.centurylink.net.
  • Always ensure that the ‘SSL’ must reflect None and the server port- 143>
  • Now tap on the ‘Done’ button and click on the Advanced.
  • Now, you must discover ‘SSL: SSL and the server port- pop.centurylink.net.
  • Now, quickly restart your IOS Device. Cheers! You have effectively set up your CenturyLink email account on iPhone or iPad.

CenturyLink.Net Email Settings For Android

If you are searching for simple methods to install the CenturyLink email app for android, then you should follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Firstly, start your mail app, and go to the settings.
  • Next, hit on the add new mail account, and choose POP3.
  • Quickly submit your email id and password.
  • Now select ‘manual set up’, and ensure the following details are there: -
  • 1. The email must be the username with a strong password.
  • 2. The incoming server must display ‘pop.centurylink.net’.
  • 3. The port value- 993, security type- SSL.
  • Always ensure that Outgoing Settings are the following details: -
  • 1. Pop.centurylink.net must be the outgoing value.
  • 2. The port value- 143, security type- None.
  • 3. The authorization must be Yes.
  • 4. The email must be the Username.
  • 5. Make use of your email password.
  • Now, submit your preference, and after finishing it, restart your phone.

CenturyLink Email SMTP Settings (Outgoing Mail Server)

Here are the easy-going steps for CenturyLink SMTP settings that you need to follow:

  • Smtp.centurylink.net.
  • The port value must be 587.
  • Quickly select ‘TLS’ if it is offered.
  • For username, just submit your full email ID.
  • By default, the server limit should be set to 20MB.
  • The ‘send to limit’ must be 100 contacts.
  • If you are making use of webmail, then the limit should be set to 100 per hour.
  • SMTP send limit must be at 500 per hour by default.
  • If you are utilizing IP to send an email, then the limit must be 50 per 5 minutes.

CenturyLink Email POP3 Settings (Incoming Mail Server)

Here are the basic steps for CenturyLink POP settings that you require to follow to set up an email account:

  • POP must consider pop.centurylink.net.
  • The port value must be 995.
  • When triggered for Security, simply select SSL.

If you have used this easy-going process perfectly, then we are 100% sure that you will not deal with any problem while setting up CenturyLink by applying POP3 and the email services will work very well.

How To Access Your CenturyLink.net Account Using IMAP

To easily set up CenturyTel net email account from a desktop, you will require the CenturyLink IMAP and SMTP settings underneath:

1 Centurylink.net (CenturyLink.net) IMAP Server Centurylink.net (CenturyLink.net) IMAP Server
2 IMAP port 993
3 IMAP security SSL / TLSr
4 IMAP username Your full email address
5 IMAP password Your Centurylink.net password
6 Centurylink.net (CenturyLink.net) SMTP Server smtp.centurylink.net
7 SMTP security SMTP security
8 SMTP username Your full email address
9 SMTP password Your Centurylink.net password

Dial CenturyLink Email Technical Support Phone Number

In today’s world, the easiest method to get technical support from CenturyLink is just to call the customer service department. In this way, getting good technical support has one major benefit is that you could apply the solutions and receive genuine feedback in real-time.

Our Century Link support team is extremely talented and available at CenturyLink Email Technical Support Phone Number to support you and your team every tough step of the optimum way. From planning to delivering, we are the best adviser and a good problem-solver. Hence, feel free to call us at the given contact number and tell us your problem. We understand your requirements and at the end, it is the most excellent choice to appproach technical support from us.

Do you have Any question

Have any doubt about our Email Customer Service? Have a look at these FAQs or contact us in person.

1Question 1. Why I can’t log in to my CenturyLink email account?

Answer 1: If you are facing any issue related to login into your CenturyLink email account, then there could be many reasons that are disrupting the login procedure. Some are stated below-

  1. Submitting wrong login credentials.
  2. Your device is not properly linked with the internet connection.
  3. Might be not remembering or losing the webmail password.
  4. Fatigue of storage space.

2Question 2. How to Link CenturyLink Email in Gmail or Outlook?

Answer 2: First, you will have to configure IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 in your email client if you want to use your CenturyLink Email in Outlook or Gmail. To effortlessly set up your CenturyLink Email account with other email clients, read the above-mentioned information or contact our centurylink email technical support experts.

3Question 3. How to Retrieve Forgotten Centurylink.net Email Login Username?

Answer 3: If you have not remembered CenturyLink Email Login Username then don’t worry. You could effortlessly recover your username as well as your email right from the CenturyLink homepage. To retrieve your username, you will have to follow the below-listed steps:

  1. First of all, you need to visit the CenturyLink.com homepage.
  2. Next, hit on the Sign-in tab.
  3. Immediately, you will be forwarded to the login page.
  4. At here, just below the Login tab, you will find Forgot username/password, hit on the link.
  5. Once again, you will be forwarded to the next page; you will get a “FORGOT USERNAME OR PASSWORD.”
  6. After that, hit on the radio tab of “I forgot my Username” you will find the drop-down button to submit your Email.
  7. Now, you can submit your email address in the text button and hit on the checkbox to validate that you are not a robot.
  8. Finally, strike on the Submit tab.

After submitting, you will immediately get a notification from CenturyLink in your email account with your username. You can open your email and could use a username to just log in to your CenturyLink.net.

4Question 4. How to reset CenturyLink email password?

Answer 4: Resetting email password is extremely easy. This could be done by the CenturyLink email login page. For this, you must follow the below-mentioned simple steps -

  1. First of all, you need to visit the CenturyLink login page.
  2. Now, hit on the Forget password link.
  3. Next, you require to follow the instructions given on the screen.
  4. At this stage, you will be required to validate your identity.
  5. Finally, create a new password.