How To Unsend Email In AOL Mail? – Easy Technique

How to Unsend Email in AOL Mail
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AOL Mail, also known as AIM Mail, is a recent expansion in America Online’s long (by Internet Standards) history. AOL always offers e-mail services to its users, and AOL utilizes a proprietary technique to deliver emails between members. There are many scenarios where users send the email from AOL; after that, they want to unsend or delete the email for some reason. But they don’t know how to unsend email in AOL. There is a lot of the same query about this. Some of the queries of AOL users are mentioned below.

James Mathew
“I am using AOL to send emails for my personal use, but somehow I sent an email to the wrong email address. So I want to know how do I delete an email I sent by mistake?”

Andrew Wayne
“I am sending an email from AOL. After sending the mail, I realized that I didn’t attach the documents with the email. So I want to delete the email, but I can’t find where is the unsend button on AOL. Please help me out.”


There are many more situations where the users want to unsend the email. With this write-up, we will derive the method of how to unsend AOL mail.


When To Unsend The AOL Email Will Necessary?

There are many scenarios like the above mentioned where you have to delete the emails from AOL. We are presenting some other situations where you can also need to delete AOL emails.

  • Unsend the mail for the correction.
  • Sent to the wrong email address.
  • Forget to attach any documents or attachments.
  • When preparing the email for professional purposes, the email content doesn’t fulfill the need.
  • The most common situation fails to mention in Cc/Bcc field.

These are the everyday situations of users why they want to unsend the AOL mail, and now it’s time to resolve the user’s query.


How to Unsend Email in AOL? – Troubleshooting Method

In the section, we will be going to drive the step-by-step procedure to resolve the query of James and Andrew, which are- “how do I delete an email I sent by mistake, and where is the unsend button on AOL mail.” These queries can be of many users. So don’t worry, follow the steps:


Note: AOL allows you to delete an email if you sent it to another AOL member having an “” email address before opening the mail.


  1. Firstly Sign in to the AOL Mail
  2. Then, go to the Sent Mail Folder.
  3. After that, tick the Box present in front of the email you want to delete.
  4. Now, click the Unsend button (Here, you get the unsend button).
  5. In the end, click Yes for the confirmation to unsend the email or message.

Now, your AOL mail has been deleted. But there are some limitations of AOL Mail.


What is The Limitations of AOL Mail?

Here are limitations one should know before unsending an email in AOL Mail.

You can unsend an AOL email only if:

  • You sent the email to the AOL receipts. Can’t retrieve an email if it delivers to other recipients.
  • You sent the email from the AOL Gold Desktop version, not any email client or app.


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How to Unsend AOL Email – Overview

With the help of this write-up, we present you with the easiest way to know how to unsend email in AOL. Anyone can easily follow the steps and execute the delete an email process. But before performing the technique, keep the limitations of AOL Mail in mind. We hope this information will help you the best. The next time, check your email correctly before sending it. Check all the possibilities.



Q 1. Can I unsend the email using AOL webmail?

A. No, you cannot unsend the email via AOL webmail, this feature is only available in the AOL Gold Desktop.

Q 2. Can the AOL email be deleted if sent to another webmail?

A. No, you can only delete those emails which are sent to the AOL recipients.

  1. How to recover my lost password in AOL?
  2. Go to the login page of AOL, enter your AOL email address, and click on the forget password. From there, you can recreate your password.
Q 3 . Where is the unsend button on AOL?

A. You can find the unsend button when you select the email which you want to delete.

Sign in to AOL>>Sent Mailbox>>Select the email>>Unsend button

Q 4. How to unsend multiple emails in AOL?

A. 1. Open the folder where the emails are located.

2. Choose the boxes next to the emails you want unsend.

3. Click the Unsend icon.

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