How To Recover Deleted AOL Emails?

how to recover deleted emails in AOL
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Since the beginning of the age of email, AOL has been a pioneer in email. Many people continue to use AOL to fulfill all of their email requirements. However, if you’re an AOL customer, you might accidentally delete an email or have to recover deleted AOL emails that were deleted to gain more details. What can you do to undelete AOL emails? Get assistance and details from AOL customer support here. Read on to learn how to retrieve lost AOL emails.

If you’re an AOL user, you might lose an important email or delete an email you want to locate for crucial details. When an email has been deleted and moved to the trash folder for seven days or less before recovery, you can recover it using the email you have on your account. If it were longer than seven days ago, you’d have to call AOL customer support or utilize the email recovery program to determine whether you can recover deleted items permanently.

Ways To Recover Deleted AOL Emails

Part 1. To get an email back from the trash bin, comply with these instructions:

AOL deletes messages and sends them to the “Recently deleted” directory, and it is kept in effect for the initial 24 hours following a deletion. When you recover a deleted message, it will be returned to the news to your email inbox or to a folder that you had already deleted. Anyone who wants to retrieve deleted emails older than 24 hours old can do so using third-party software.

Step 1. Log into AOL. Login to your AOL Account.
Step 2. Navigate to the “Recently deleted” folder located on the left side within the “Mail” window.
Step 3. Click on the following box to see the information you wish to recover by pressing once within this box.
Step 4. Select to click the “Restore” option.
Step 5. Download a data recovery program for restoring old emails that are not in the “Recently deleted” folder. Examples of such software are ePreserver Recovery, Data Recovery Pro, and Instant File Recovery (see Resources). These and similar programs can retrieve emails through the archive of email files that were previously opened that your computer stores to serve as temporary Internet files.
Step 6. Install and set up the software on your system by the manufacturer’s instructions.
Step 7. The software will scan the computer to find cached data. After the scan is completed, choose the email file you would like to restore.
Step 8. Remember that this method will not retrieve messages that you haven’t opened or deleted emails before the storage deadlines built into your system. Read its guide to learn more about a software’s storage deadline.

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Part 2. How to Retrieve deleted AOL emails within seven days

When you first remove your AOL mail, it won’t typically go straight onto the “permanently deleted” phase. Instead, unless you’ve decided to delete the file for the long term, it will remain in your recently deleted “Trash” directory for seven days.

If the email you deleted within less than seven days, fantastic news! Recovery is simple and can be performed straight from the AOL mailbox. Here’s how:

Step 1. Visit and sign in to your AOL account with your username and username, and password.

Step 2. After logging into your email, scroll to the left-hand side and click “Trash” on the left-hand side “Trash” symbol. You can see all of your deleted messages within the last seven days.

Step 3. Make sure you tick on the right side of the mail you want to retrieve.

Step 4. You’ll see the “Action” button in the upper right-hand corner of the email. Click it and then under “Move to” choose “Inbox“.

Step 5. Find your Inbox and look for the mail address.


Part 3. How to Recover Permanently deleted AOL Emails (Older than seven days)

If you’ve erased an essential email within seven days, or you discover you’ve erased an entire email that you want to access now, you might require a different recovery method. This is why we are moving to our next subject, how to recover deleted emails AOL that you permanently deleted.


1. Retrieve deleted emails from the AOL Server

Utilizing this AOL online service, you can ensure that it will save your data from your mailbox to its servers. If you delete permanently one crucial mail, the most efficient method is to reach the support center to retrieve the data from your mail returned. This is the only method to recover deleted emails. But, this feature will only be accessible to members who pay. If you’re currently using the trial version of AOL mail, you’ll need to upgrade your account first.


2. Form Email Recovery Software

There is email recovery software that you can utilize to recover the deleted AOL emails back if you’ve connected your AOL mail to Outlook on your computer. These programs search for messages saved in your local database, not those stored on the AOL server.


Extra: Helpful Tips to deleted AOL Recovery Emails

In recovering email messages from AOL accounts, the most important thing is not getting in a state of panic. If you are panicking, you’ll become overwhelmed, which will not aid anyone. This is why we want to assure you that by using the proper software you can recover deleted emails. In the meantime, there are some other ways to recover deleted emails:

Tip 1: Always look in Your “Trash” directory first. It’s possible that you don’t require special retrieval software. If you deleted your email recently, it’s likely in your trash binder (refer to Part 2 of this guide).

Tip 2: most efficient method of recovering deleted messages is to avoid them from ever happening in the first place. Always read your emails before you delete them to ensure they do not contain crucial details. Then, only delete them when you are sure you won’t require them soon.

Tip 3: Create alternate folders: If you’re not sure if you’ll require your email in the future, and you do not want to save the email in an inbox, you can create extra folders to keep your email in. Create a “may require in the future” folder or a “for later use later” folder, and move your email there instead of eliminating them.


Now, use your AOL email without any hassles!

You are wondering how to retrieve deleted emails from AOL placed in your trash bin for less than seven days? It is accessible by doing a few steps on the email accounts you have. Older emails take more effort and time (and may be subject to charges); however, there is a possibility of recovering old emails using the server’s AOL administrator or email recovery software. For more details or help, you can contact AOL customer support here.

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