How to Fix Roadrunner Email Problems? [2022 Guide]

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roadrunner email problems

Roadrunner is an email service that is also known as Spectrum Webmail. It is offered by the Time Warna Cable Interner service providers. It is the safest and most secure medium to send or receive or efficiently communicate via email. But being an advanced package of email services, the Roadrunner undergoes problems that make it frustrating for users. Users stated that they are experiencing Roadrunner email problems. It can interrupt their work. If you are experiencing the same, you can go through this informational guide. It will provide you with the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue and the reasons responsible for the email problems.


What Causes Roadrunner Email Problems 2022?

Mainly the Roadrunner undergoes email problems due to the improper configuration of email settings. Besides that, there are also other significant causes for the issue. These are:


  • Due to the wrong SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 server settings.
  • A problem with the internet connectivity or poor internet. 
  • Incorrect login credentials
  • Due to the cache and cookies files. 
  • When you forget the email address or password.
  • The browser’s add-ins can also create email problems. 


After noticing the causes of the email problems in Roadrunner, let’s fix it. 


In the fixing process, we will cover all the devices, iPhone, Android, and the System Web browser. Let’s start with the iPhone. 


How to Fix Roadrunner Email Problems on iPhone?

As discussed above, email problems generally occur due to improper configuration server settings. But the internet is also the primary cause of the issue. So before fixing the issue, ensure that the iPhone is connected to a stable and strong internet connection. If the internet is working properly, recheck the login credentials while signing in. Follow the given steps:


Configure the Proper Server Settings on iPhone

Whenever you change the SMTP, IMAP, and POP server settings by mistake or intentionally, you might face Roadrunner email problems. To resolve and set the proper server settings following are the steps:


  1. Firstly go to the iPhone settings.
  2. Tap on Mail.
  3. Now, select your Roadrunner Email Account
  4. Here, tap on Email Server Settings.


From the server page, tap on POP if you’ve configured your roadrunner account with POP account-type protocol. Vice-versa for IMAP account-type protocol, then tap on IMAP. Based on the protocol selection, enter the given settings to fix current Roadrunner email problems.


IMAP Server Settings for iPhone Roadrunner POP Server Settings for iPhone Roadrunner
Incoming Server: Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server: Outgoing Server:
Incoming Server (IMAP): 993 Incoming Server (POP): 110
Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587 Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25
IMAP Insecure Port: 143 POP Insecure Port: 587
IMAP Security Type: TLS/SSL POP Security Type: STARTTLS


If you are an android user-facing email problem in Roadrunner on your device, then the next section is for you.


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How to Fix Roadrunner Email Problems Android?

We recommend the same as we tell you with the iPhone to check the internet and the email login credentials. However, Android also faces issues with email server settings. Following are the given steps:


  1. Firstly, open the Email app and Sign in.
  2. After signing in, tap on Personal (POP3) and Next
  3. Now, enter the Roadrunner Password and tap the Next button. 
  4. After that, enter the following info for the POP server:
    • Username:
    • Password: Roadrunner Email Password.
    • Server:
    • Port: 110
    • Security Type: None
  5. When done, tap on the Next button to proceed with fixing Roadrunner email problems. 
  6. Now, enter the SMTP outgoing server info:
    • Server: (domain varies)
    • Port: 587 
    • Security type: None
    • Require sign-in check
    • Username:
    • Password: Roadrunner password.
  7. Tap on Next and again Next.
  8. Now, in the “Your Name” field, you have to enter your name and tap on Next. 


Some users reported that they use the POP server setting, so you can include the given below POp setting, between 5 and 6 steps:


  • Incoming Server:
  • Outgoing server:


Finishing Up

That’s all. The Roadrunner email problems can be severe, as it stops you from reading the emails. The above-stated information can help you in resolving the problems. It is also suggested for creating a backup before executing the steps to prevent the data from being lost. 

However, if you are still experiencing the same and can’t resolve the issue by yourself, you can contact Support For Emails‘ Experts through live chat or call to get immediate help without moving anywhere. Thank You!



Q. How can I activate the Roadrunner App on Android?

A. Before installing the Roadrunner email application on the Android device, go to Phone Settings>>Secuirty>>Allow Apps from all unknown sources. This will allow the app to install on an Android device.

Q. What to do when the Roadrunner email not working?

A. You can add a new Roadrunner email account.

  1. Open User Manager
  2. Click on New Sub user.
  3. Here you start the new Roadrunner account registration process.
  4. Now, enter your New Sub User ID with the Name and Password for the new account in the given file.
Q. Why am I getting Roadrunner email problems today on my browser?

A. The cache and cookies files are the most significant reason for email problems in roadrunner. This also states that improper configuration of server protocols is also a reason.

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