5 Ways to Resolve Outlook Disconnected or Offline

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Recently, I came across a query that said the outlook is disconnected from the server. It also mentions how it hampers client work and delays their business projects. Well, it’s a common issue that many users encounter every day. But, the consequences are tough to deal with.

Further, finding the cause is a challenge that users may face then and now. Sometimes it’s an internet issue, and other times, the outlook is disconnected from the server or an issue with the outlook itself.

But, don’t worry! Here in this article, I will find answers to all your queries. We will discuss the most common causes. And how to resolve the outlook disconnected; how to reconnect it.


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Find Out Why Outlook Says Disconnected

Outlook is a true companion for users. It allows them to work even when there is no internet. But, then, it’s not effective for long. After all, you need to send and receive mail, create a backup, and do other things. Thus, to understand what’s causing the outlook showing disconnected issues read these points below:

  1. The outlook client is working in offline mode.
  2. The outlook server is down.
  3. Weak or unstable internet connection
  4. The outlook application is not updated regularly.
  5. An issue in the computer system
  6. The MS Office installation is corrupted.


Let’s Learn How to Reconnect Outlook?

When the outlook is showing disconnected, you may consider these cases: First, the outlook is working but in offline mode. Second, the outlook is disconnected from the server. This may have happened due to a VPN network issue or server problem.

Before moving on to the solutions below, try these hacks, first!

  1. Restart your system and open Outlook to see if it reconnects to the server.
  2. Verify your internet connection.
  3. Ping the server to see if the outlook is disconnected from the server, causing an issue. (see “Additional solutions“).
  4. Launch Outlook in safe mode.

Try each hack and test the Outlook issue. If your outlook says disconnected, please try the solutions mentioned below.


1. Disable Use Outlook Offline mode:

Using Outlook in offline mode is beneficial for many events. For instance, if you’re traveling or don’t have internet access. Hence, check if your ‘outlook is showing disconnected’ when you’re connected to the network:

Follow these steps to disable Outlook in offline mode :

  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Now, move to the Send/Receive tab.
  • On the right side, on the bar, tap on the option “Work Offline.
  • Wait until Outlook tries to reconnect to the internet.

If you see Outlook disconnected from the server even now, try other solutions.


2. Use Recovery Assistance Tool

Your  outlook says “disconnected in online mode?” Try the Recovery Assistance tool. You can use it when:

  1. Outlook crashed, stopped working, or did not respond.
  2. Outlook is unable to send, receive, or find emails.
  3. An issue in synchronizing outlook email

Thus, if you’re struggling with any of these issues, go straight with the steps below.

  • Visit MS Office‘s official website.
  • Click to download the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant tool.
  • Now, go to the download folder.
  • Double-tap on the setup file to install it on your system.

Please make sure you have a strong internet connection. So you can download and install this tool.


3. Disable IPv6

The main difference between IPV4 and IPV6 is addressing IP. The former provides you with a 32-bit address, whereas,the latter, provides you with a 128-bit address. 128-bit offers more security and allows you to have more addresses.

  1. Go to the Windows search bar.
  2. Type the control panel and hit the enter button.
  3. From the control panel, navigate to the Network & Internet option.
  4. After that, tap on the Network & Sharing Center.
  5. Then, click on Change Adapter Settings.
  6. Next, tap on the Properties option.
  7. From the list, untick the box IPV6 and then tap Ok.


4. Turn off VPN or Proxy

The VPN service provides more protection than a normal internet connection. But, sometimes it blocks the communication between your windows and mail server.

  • Go to Windows settings.
  • Then tap on the Network & Internet option.
  • From there, select the Proxy page.
  • On the right-hand side, locate and select the “Tune Off” automatically detected settings.
  • Now, from the automatic proxy setup, click on Use setup script.
  • Then, go to the Manual Proxy setup.
  • Disable the Use a proxy server option.


5. Additional Methods to Resolve Error

There are two additional methods to resolve the outlook disconnect from server issues.

Ping the server

Ping determines whether the problem is due to the server/host. Besides that, you can also test network speed.

  • Press Windows + R keys to launch the Run utility.
  • Now, enter CMd and hit the OK button.
  • TypePing name of the exchange server’ and enter.
    1. If it says “Request timed out,”-The issue is related to the network connectivity or Exchange server.
      • Connect to the server team.
    2.  If it says “Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0,” then there is no issue with the network or server connectivity…
    3. You can skip steps for checking the LAN cable.

Check Password Settings For LAN

Here, you can identify if the MS Outlook account is working properly or not using this method.

  • Check the domain account to see if the account is locked or the password has expired.
  • If your client allows you to reset the password, proceed.
  • Now, access the Active Directory
  • Choose Users.
  • Scroll down to choose the user to change the password.
  • Click on the Reset Password.”
  • Enter a new password and re-enter to confirm.


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Wrap Up:

Use this guide. We hope you have fixed the outlook disconnected issue. Here, additional solutions are helpful only when the general solution fails. First, try them. Nonetheless, if you need any help or have a query, feel free to contact us.

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