How to Add Microsoft Teams to Outlook?

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How to Add microsoft teams to outlook 365

If you want to know how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook and don’t know the procedure. Then this article will assist you with the same. These steps will perfectly work with Outlook 206, 19, and Office 365 versions of Windows and macOS. Let’s start.


Microsoft has become an essential part of professional use in today’s era. It provides many features to the users that make their work easy. Its Office 365 software provides a feature called Teams. Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform integrated with Outlook. It also offers to create new Teams meetings straight from Outlook. It can schedule calendars. It again allows the users to join, view, or accept meetings in the app. But somehow, some users can’t find it in MS Outlook. This is a serious issue for those users who are using Teams on a daily basis. With this post, we help you with how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook.


This issue can occur when you install the latest version of Outlook on the computer. But due to some reasons, the Teams add-ins don’t show. We also have the query of the user-facing the same.


“Recently our whole office shifted to MS Outlook Teams from Zoom and Google Calendar for communication. But when I go to schedule a meeting, I can’t find the Teams add-ins in the Outlook 365 Desktop. Is it disabled? Can anyone tell me How can I add Microsoft Teams to my Outlook?”

Veronica Simons – A MS Outlook 365 user


How to Add Microsoft Teams to Outlook?

If you are experiencing the same as Veronica or your team doesn’t show up. Then follow the given below steps Microsoft teams add-in for outlook Mac and Windows as well:


  1. Firstly, open Outlook and click on the File option from the left top.
  2. Secondly, you have to choose the Options tab from the left bottom.
  3. Then, you have to select Add-ins from the Outlook Options dialog box.
  4. Now, you have to verify that the “Microsoft Teams Meeting Add-in for Microsoft Office” is mentioned in the Enable Application Add-ins list.
  5. If the Teams Meeting Add-ins are listed on the Disabled Application Add-ins list, then from the Manage, click on GO to proceed with how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook process.
  6. After that, mark the checkbox of Microsoft Team Meeting Add-in Microsoft Office.
  7. Now, click on Enable option and then Close the Outlook.
  8. At last, Restart your Outlook.

If you can’t add the Microsoft team with the above method, follow the next method.


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How to Add Microsoft Teams to Outlook? – Alternative Method

When you can’t add the Microsoft teams meeting add-in for Microsoft office download. The Microsoft experts provide the following method to add it. Have a look at it.


  1. Sign Out and Close the Teams App: The first thing that Microsoft experts recommend is to sign out of the Teams app. You can do this by clicking on the Profile icon and then clicking on the Sign out button. After Signing out, close the Microsoft.
  2. Restart Teams: In this step, you have to sign in again to your Microsoft account. Open the Microsoft signing page and enter the login credentials. After that, open the Microsoft Teams app.
  3. Launch Microsoft Outlook: After signing the Microsoft account, open the Outlook 365 app. After accessing Outlook 365, you can see the Teams icon in the above panel.

After knowing the steps of how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook, it’s time to have a look at the features that teams provide.


Features of Microsoft Outlook Teams Add-In?

The Teams Add-ins provide many features, which are discussed below:


Note: If you are a member of the same team or company, then you use the below-mentioned functions. Or say, if you have Office 365 and Teams accounts via your employer, then you can see the other colleagues’ status. But you can’t see the status if you are an outsider to the company.


Now let’s proceed to How to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook and its features.


  1. Message Chat: The MS Outlook Team provides a workspace that allows the groups and individuals to chat over it. Users can also chat even if they are on any video or voice call. Like other messaging services, Teams also incorporate emojis and GIFs.
  2. Video Meetings: With this feature, you can conduct virtual meetings. After the covid-19, it is the most used feature as people collaborated remotely. It also offers video conferencing features where you can add more than one teammate to the video call. You can also customize the virtual background, transcription, breakout rooms, whiteboard, and meeting recordings during the video meeting.
  3. Screen Sharing: You get this feature when you know how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook. In this, you can share your desktop screen with the team, including files in real-time during the video call.
  4. @Mentions: With this feature, you can mention any member of the team. You can do this by pressing the Shift+2 key followed by the member’s name. For example @xyzabc, it will show like xyzabc on the chat screen.
  5. Add Team Rooms to Outlook Meetings: You can easily add a Team room to any meeting created by you in Outlook. You can do this by clicking on the Team Meetings button from the Ribbon Toolbar for New Meetings.


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Finishing Up

Now, we are going to conclude our blog. It is a serious situation when your Team is not assigned in Outlook 365. This can interrupt the company workflow, as they have meetings to do. So, with this blog, we present you with the methods for how to add Microsoft Teams to Outlook. Microsoft Teams provides many features, which we also mention. If you can’t add the Teams to Outlook after following the above information, then contact our Outlook Experts for a better solution.

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