AOL POP Settings – An Easy Guide to Setup

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Configure AOL POP Settings

AOL Mail is one of the adequate email services. It is used to send and receive messages and document files. Users can send their emails up to a size of 25 MB, which makes it the most used service. But somehow, users want to access their emails in different other web services. When asked why? They said it makes it easy to access AOL messages in other web clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and other compatible email clients. Thus, to do that, you have to configure AOL POP settings along with SMTP and IMAP. With the help of this guide, we will help you efficiently configure the AOL Server settings. Let’s know in brief about POP3 settings.


What is AOL POP Settings?

Generally, the POP3 is an older protocol designed to be utilized on one computer. Unlike the modern protocols, which use two-way synchronization, the POP3 only sustains only one-way synchronization. It only allows the users to download emails from a server to a client.


The AOL POP3 settings have to configure properly if you want to send urgent emails. Another AOL Incoming Mail server, i.e., the IMAP settings configure correctly to receive mail from any server. But, somehow, users face difficulty while configuring their AOL emails on third-party devices or applications. We will mention the steps to configure the POP and IMAP settings. 


What are POP3 AOL Mail Settings for Windows 10 and Before?

At the time you are configuring the AOL POP settings, enter the below-given information:


Option Description
AOL POP3 Server Address:
AOL POP3 Port: 995
Requires TSL/SSL: Yes
AOL POP3 Username: Your full email address (
AOL POP3 Password: Your email account password


You also need the SMTP Settings to operate for outgoing emails.


Outgoing Email Configuration

You have to add the SMTP settings to send AOL emails from any email client. Therefore, to add the SMTP server, the settings are the same as the POP3 settings mentioned above, with the following expectations.


AOL SMTP Settings

Generally, the SMTP settings are used to send messages, you can configure it by the following information.


Option Description
AOL SMTP Port: 465 SSL
AOL SMTP Username: Your full email address (
AOL SMTP Password: Your email account password


Receiving Email Configuration From Multi-Device

AOL IMAP Settings

It is suggested to configure the IMAP settings for better performance with AOL POP settings in sending and receiving from multiple devices. Following is the information. 


Option Description
AOL IMAP Port: 993
AOL Requires SSL: Yes
AOL IMAP Username: Your full email address (
AOL IMAP Password: Your email account password


How to Configure AOL POP Settings?

To add the AOL POP3 settings, you must first add the SMTP settings for sending emails. Following are the steps:


  1. Firstly, open your MS Outlook Mail app.
  2. Then, navigate to the File option and then choose Account Settings.
  3. After that, click on the Server Settings
  4. Now, click on the Outgoing Mail and then provide the appropriate settings mentioned above.


Add POP3 and IMAP Settings

Now, the main part of configuring AOL POP settings. You can also configure the IMAP settings for receiving emails from multiple devices. Following are the steps:


  1. Firstly, open the Outlook account (Hotmail formerly).
  2. Secondly, go to the File option and click on the Info.
  3. Now, click on Account Settings.
  4. After that, choose the Server Settings.
  5. In the end, click on the Incoming Mail option and enter the POP3 network Settings.


Important: If you want to receive email from a single device, then enter POP3 settings. And to receive emails from multiple devices, enter the IMAP settings


How to Configure AOL Server Settings?

Following are the steps to access the AOL server:


  1. Firstly, open the AOL Mail account.
  2. Secondly, enter the login credentials and click the Sign in button.
  3. After that, choose the Options tab.
  4. Then, select the tab for the settings you want to change. 


Once you access the mail settings tab, here are the different settings you can customize.

  1. General Settings
  2. Compose Settings
  3.  Filter Settings



The AOL POP settings and IMAP settings can easily retrieve AOL messages. But below are some differences between them.


The POP settings will allow your email client to download copies of the emails saved in your AOL inbox, not from any other folder. When you delete or remove any local copy of an email message, there is no effect on the original one. Therefore it is also the same on the other side. 


Whereas the IMAP settings in AOL mail server settings are more flexible. It continuously syncs the information of your emails between the AOL server and individual clients. Thus, you will always see the updated version of your inbox.


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The Bottom Line

It is a straightforward task to configure the AOL POP settings. In this blog, we share the steps to configure the same. Moreover, it is recommended to add the IMAP settings also. Thus, it will make your work easy with multiple devices. If you want to know more about the AOL server settings, contact Support For Emails‘ experts.

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