Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile? Fix the Problem

microsoft outlook stuck on loading profile
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Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich application that people everywhere use for accomplishing a variety of tasks. But sometimes, various errors can creep in, which prevents you from accessing the application properly. Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile screen is a common problem that users face while launching it. In it, MS Outlook won’t get past the profile screen, irrespective of your efforts. So, you cannot access your emails in the Outlook app. This problem can happen if your Outlook.ost or .pst data files are corrupted. But there are ways to resolve this issue. In this article, you’ll find the steps you should take when Outlook gets stuck on the loading profile.


Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile


What to Do When Microsoft Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile Issue Arises?


From starting Outlook in Safe Mode to resetting the navigation pane, there’s much you can do. Follow these fixes when you encounter Outlook not opening loading profile.


Start Outlook In Safe Mode.

Outlook has a Safe Mode which assists you to resolve problems on your system. Through this mode, you can disable any suspicious add-ons in it.


  • Open ‘Run‘ by pressing the Windows + R keys simultaneously. 
  • Input the command’ outlook.exe /safe‘ into ‘Run‘ and hit Enter.
  • Select your profile and tap ‘OK.’
  • Tap on the ‘File‘ menu.
  • From the left sidebar, choose ‘Options‘ for accessing the ‘Settings’ menu of Outlook.
  • Choose ‘Add-ins‘ from the available options.
  • From the ‘Manage’ dropdown menu, choose ‘COM Add-ins‘ and tap ‘Go.’
  • In the list, uncheck every add-in and tap ‘OK.’
  • Exit Outlook and start it again. 
  • Now, enable add-ins one at a time. It will allow you to determine the problematic add-in.


Repair Outlook Email Account

Sometimes repairing the Outlook email account can also help you to resolve the issue of Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile. Follow these steps.


  • Open MS Outlook and tap ‘File.’
  • Tap ‘Account Settings‘ under ‘Info.’
  • Open the ‘Settings‘ for the problematic account.
  • Now select the email account which isn’t syncing and click ‘Repair.’
  • Check your settings and fields in the ‘Repair Account’ box and tap ‘Next.’
  • Outlook will begin the repair process. It will enable a network connection, look for the account settings and log on to the server to confirm everything is fine.
  • After the process, tap ‘Change Account.’ Then click ‘Next.’
  • Tap ‘Close‘ and then hit ‘Finish.’
  • Now restart Outlook and see if the problem has been fixed.


Restart Your PC

A simple suggestion to implement when you find Outlook 2016 hangs on loading profile is to restart your PC. Restart your system and relaunch Outlook. Sometimes such a basic technique is enough to make the issue go away.


Delete Profile Folders In Outlook.

For deleting Outlook profile folders, you should first create a system restore point. It represents a stored state of your computer’s registry settings and system files. To create a system restore point in Windows automatically, follow these steps.


  • Launch the ‘Start‘ menu and look for ‘Create a Restore Point.’ Now open it.
  • Navigate to the ‘System Protection’ tab. Choose the drive where you wish to create the restore point and tap ‘Configure.’
  • Now, choose ‘Turn on System Protection‘ and tap ‘Apply‘ followed by ‘OK.’
  • After you create it, you should run regedit to launch the ‘Registry Editor.’ Go to the key given below.


  • In this key, all your Outlook profile folders are stored. The default profile is ‘Outlook.’ Right-tap it and delete it.


Reset The Navigation Pane Of Outlook

Another method to use whenever you get confronted by this problem is resetting the Outlook navigation pane. The navigation pane in Outlook is where you can see your folder list and the icons to navigate between Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and People. When you run the /reset pane command, it takes away all customizations to this pane. To run this command, follow these steps.


  • Exit Outlook.
  • Select ‘Start‘ and from there go to ‘Run.’
  • Input ‘OUTLOOK.exe /resetnavpane‘ in the ‘Open‘ box and tap ‘OK.’


Launch MS Outlook In Airplane Mode

When you open Outlook, it links to an email server to get new emails. In case of a problem with the network connection, you may encounter connectivity problems with Outlook. It will lead to problems like Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile. Follow these points to run Outlook in Airplane Mode and resolve these issues.


  • Tap the ‘Notification’ icon at the bottom-right part of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Airplane mode‘ to enable it.
  • When this mode gets enabled, launch the Outlook application.


Switch Off MS Outlook Presence Options

Outlook provides you with several functionalities to display your presence in it. If you have many of these features enabled on your computer, it’s suggested that you switch them off whenever you face this problem. Note that you can implement this method only when you are able to launch the app on your system. To disable the presence features, follow these points.


  • Launch Outlook application on the computer.
  • Click ‘File‘ at the top-left part of the screen.
  • You’ll notice various options there. Tap the one that reads ‘Options.’
  • Next, choose ‘People‘ from the left sidebar on the succeeding screen.
  • Now locate the section that says ‘Online status and photographs‘ on the right-side pane. Then, untick the options given below.
  1. Display online status next to name.’
  2. Show user photographs when available.’
  • Lastly, click ‘OK.’
  • Close Outlook and relaunch it.


Make A New Profile In Outlook.

A corrupt Outlook profile can cause it to get stuck on the loading profile screen. Follow these steps to create another profile.

  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel‘ and tap on the ‘Mail‘ option.
  • In the subsequent screen, tap on ‘Show Profiles.’
  • Tap on the ‘Add’ button for adding a new profile.
  • Input a name for the new profile and tap ‘OK.’
  • Input the email account configuration for the profile you’ve made. 
  • When you return back to the ‘Mail‘ inbox, choose your new profile from the dropdown menu of ‘Always use this profile.’
  • Tap ‘Apply‘ and then ‘OK.’
  • Now, open the Outlook app.

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Final Words

These techniques will help you resolve the Microsoft Outlook stuck on loading profile problem. They are easy to understand and follow. But if you still cannot find any resolution, it’s best to seek professional Outlook customer support service help. The technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing all types of issues with the Outlook application. 

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