How to Fix the Problem of Microsoft Outlook Not Opening on Mac and Windows

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Microsoft Outlook Not Opening?

Microsoft Outlook is a feature-rich application by Microsoft that helps people in managing various work-related tasks every day. However, many times you may select the MS Outlook program by tapping its shortcut and find it not opening. Microsoft Outlook not opening is a common problem that people deal with almost every day. Many Mac users also experience Outlook mail issues. They find that the program may randomly crash or freeze when they decide to check their email. Outlook can also become very slow and respond very gradually on your Mac. But there’s no need to worry. This article will outline the measures you can take to fix this issue.


What Causes the Microsoft Outlook Not Opening Issue

When you cannot start Microsoft Outlook, remember that it can be for many reasons. Some common ones include the following.

  • Problematic add-ins
  • Corrupted files
  • A corrupted user profile.
  • Issues with the navigation pane


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Ways to Fix the Microsoft Outlook Not Opening Issue in Mac

If you’re a Mac user who finds that Outlook isn’t opening on your device, you can try various techniques. They are all mentioned below.


1. Rebuild the MS Outlook database 

You can use the Microsoft utility for rebuilding the Outlook database. But note that if you have got a Microsoft Exchange account, rebuilding the Outlook database will delete all that data that is not synchronized with the server. So, as a precautionary step, remember to back up the Outlook data that is stored on your system before proceeding with the steps to rebuild the database.

  • Close all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Hit the ‘Option‘ key and choose the Outlook icon to launch the Microsoft Database Utility.
  • Choose the identity of that database you wish to rebuild.
  • Select ‘Rebuild.’

Upon the completion of this process, start Outlook again. By following these steps, you’ll no longer complain that your Outlook won’t open on Mac


2. Run Microsoft Office update on Mac 

Generally, Microsoft software on Mac causes some issues. It’s especially true in the case of Outlook 2016. When you find that Outlook 2016 won’t open on Mac, you should update it by opening MS Office. Go to ‘Help‘ and then check ‘Check for Updates.’ Note that MS Office 2016 supports the operating system Yosemite X 10.10 or above. Lower versions like Mavericks X 10.9 are incompatible with MS Outlook 2016. 


3. Fix the profile issue

Those still facing issues with Mac Outlook should consider creating a new profile. It’s likely that your old profile is corrupted and should be repaired. Follow this process.

  • Launch the ‘Applications’ folder. 
  • Right-tap ‘Microsoft Outlook‘ then tap ‘Show Package Contents.’
  • Navigate to ‘Contents‘ and then ‘SharedSupport.’ Then go to ‘Outlook Profile Manager.’
  • Tap the ‘Create a new Profile‘ button.
  • Input a new name and select this profile.
  • Click the ‘Tools’ icon and tap ‘Set as Default.’
  • Exit and reopen Outlook.

Find if the problem persists. If Outlook works, it implies that your original profile should be repaired. Repair it as follows.

  • Follow the above-mentioned steps to modify the profile to the original.
  • Navigate to Finder. Click ‘Go.’ Go to ‘Folder‘ and press ‘Enter.’
  • Tap ‘Go.’
  • Now drag the Outlook. SQLite to the desktop. 
  • Launch Outlook. You will read a message saying, ‘There is a problem and Outlook needs to rebuild.’ Adhere to the on-screen guidelines.


Ways to Fix the Microsoft Outlook Not Opening Issue in Windows

If you are using Outlook on a Windows system but find it’s not opening, you can disable add-ins or open it in the Safe Mode. Try out the different techniques to fix this problem given below.


1. Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode

To launch Outlook in this mode, hold and press the Ctrl key on your keyboard. Now choose the Outlook shortcut. You’ll see a warning dialog box appearing. Here, confirm that you wish to open Outlook in this mode by choosing ‘Yes.’


2. Disable add-ins

If Outlook is opening in Safe Mode, the issue lies in a problematic add-in. You need to disable every one of them to fix this problem. 

  • Choose ‘File‘ followed by ‘Options‘ and then ‘Add-ins.’
  • In the section of ‘Manage,’ choose ‘Go.’
  • Clear all checkboxes beside the add-ins you wish to disable.
  • Choose ‘OK.’ 

Hopefully, it will resolve the problem. But if you still find that Outlook is not opening, you can move on to the next measure.


3. Repair MS Outlook

Users reporting Outlook not opening on the computer should consider the probability of the application being damaged. In such a case, you have the option of using the built-in Microsoft Office Repair Utility. Follow these steps to repair Outlook.

  • Exit all MS Office applications on your device.
  • Navigate to ‘Start.’ From there, go to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Choose ‘Category View.’
  • In the section of ‘Programs‘, choose the option of ‘Uninstall a Program.’
  • Next, right-click ‘Microsoft Office.’ After that, select ‘Change.’
  • Proceeding forward, choose either ‘Repair‘ or ‘Online Repair.’
  • Select ‘Yes‘ when you see a user account control prompt on your screen. 
  • Lastly, restart the MS Outlook application after this process draws to an end.


4. Repair MS Outlook Data Files

Repair MS Outlook Data Files

If, even after implementing the above-mentioned techniques, you report that Outlook is not opening, consider repairing the data files of the application. Follow these points.

  • Close Outlook and download Microsoft’s Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Choose ‘Browse‘ and go to your personal folders.
  • Choose ‘Start.’
  • Select ‘Repair‘ if errors are found after the scan.
  • When the repair finishes, restart the Outlook application.


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Final Words

The instructions given in this article will help you to troubleshoot the Microsoft Outlook not opening problem. Both Mac and Windows users will find the troubleshooting techniques quite helpful. But if you find the problems persisting, the only option is to get help from certified Microsoft Office Technical Experts. They will troubleshoot any kind of MS Outlook-related issues that bother you.



Q. Why is my Microsoft Outlook not opening in Windows 10?

A. Your Outlook is not opening in Windows 10 due to the corrupt Outlook profile, outdated version of Office program, faulty Outlook Add-ins, Issue with the navigation pane, Outdated Windows, improper account settings, corrupt system files, corrupt OST files, corrupted or damaged Outlook profile.


Q. What can I do when Microsoft Outlook not opening?

A. If your Outlook is not opening, then you should try to repair your Outlook profile with the following steps: These steps are for Outlook 2010 and above.

  1. Open Outlook and move to File.
  2. Select the Account Settings followed by Account Settings.
  3. When you reach the Email tab, select the Outlook Profile and click on Repair.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the repairing process.
  5. When repairing finishes, restart your Outlook.


Q. Why the Microsoft Outlook not opening on my laptop?

A. Generally, this happens when you didn’t install the latest updates. So installing the latest updates will allow Outlook to open and work smoothly. Update the Outlook:

  1. Go to File and click on Account (Office Account).

  2. Under the Product information, click on Update Options.

  3. Click on Update Now.

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