About Microsoft Professional Support?

Microsoft Office is one of the most prevalent Office products worldwide that millions use. Its applications like Outlook and Word are strange to none. However, MS Office offers much more than what you see on the surface. Some such products include the Desktop Publishing product, that is, the Publisher and the Document Collaboration software or the SharePoint workspace. But a prolonged usage of these applications will inevitably lead you to face certain issues in their work. That's when you can avail of Microsoft professional support.

Our microsoft experts enable you to resolve issues that you encounter in the development, deployment, and management of this software in a business environment. The professional support directs its attention on fixing a particular problem, error message, or feature that’s not operation. Users can submit their problems over a call or online. The response time varies between 2 to 8 hours according to the extent of the problem. The MS professional support makes installing and utilizing Microsoft products seamless and easy for all.

Microsoft Professional Support

Why Support For Emails' Microsoft Professional Support?

Whenever an issue arises, know that you are always supported by a 24/7 network of experts who have deep expertise in Microsoft products. Get professional consulting and support services at reasonable prices and position your assets on the line to greater capability.

Support For Emails has been supporting Microsoft products for enterprises for several years now. If you use Microsoft programs like Skype for Business, Exchange, Dynamics 365, Azure Stack, SharePoint, and Hyper-V, and do not possess an in-house IT team or Microsoft premier support agreement, then consider Support For Emails as a trustworthy partner. Our technical experts can get you rid of all the problems through our professional services.

If you are in immediate need of support or have urgent support requirements, then our qualified and experienced professional services personnel are only a call away. Some of the features that make the services of Support For Emails unique include:

Benefits of Microsoft Professional Support

Microsoft professional support enhances you and your team's capacity to communicate, collaborate, engage, and automate. Support For Emails has assisted numerous organizations before and has gained a rich experience to impart professional Office 365 support that consists of every feature you desire. The benefits of our services include:

  • Devoted point of contact – Your main point of contact operates with your team to learn about your business and your team.
  • Complement your team – At Support For Emails, we believe our team is our client's team. Our Microsoft Support experts complement your team so that it grows to include experts in every domain of Microsoft technology.
  • Reduced response times – Getting past a challenge in a short period is essential to keep the high productivity of your team. For it, we offer the best response time, that is, four hours or even less than that.
  • Customized to your needs – We understand that no two businesses operate similarly. That's why, right from the time we get started on your project, we make it a point to function with you to tailor the process beginning from ticket submission to follow.
  • Adjustable contracts – There's no need to restrict yourself to a contract with only five incidents. We provide yearly as well as month-to-month contracts of different sizes.
Microsoft Teams Support

Voice-Enabling Microsoft Teams Support

Businesses of all sizes extensively make use of Microsoft Teams. Our Microsoft professional services for support allow you to connect with calling plans, user adoption resources, and managed services. We provide complete support with:

  • Design and discovery – A comprehensive evaluation of your existing telephony system for a seamless rollout.
  • Deployment and user adoption – Develop, test, and launch Microsoft Teams direct/voice routing. It enables the employees to get up to speed with a change management system that leaves no scope for chances.
Microsoft Outlook Support

Microsoft Outlook Support

Microsoft Outlook is designed to be one of the most accessible inboxes. It comprises user-friendly voice-controlled navigation and support for numerous assistive devices. Our skilled Microsoft Office 365 experts help you with any problem 24/7. They will guide you through troubleshooting any problem you may face, no matter how complex it is.

Office 365 support

Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are the leading technology solutions that companies worldwide use. They facilitate businesses to meet their challenges, enable remote working, and link teams that are geographically distributed. Our professional Microsoft online support services help you review your requirements and licenses to get the best value. We also provide end-user and business strategy guidance to enable you to witness the changes you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your team might have requirements and ideas but encounter challenges in staying abreast with the dynamic technology. It's the work of a whole team to thoroughly optimize the investment you've made in Office 365, SharePoint, SQL server, and the like. The Office 365 stack in itself comprises a variety of tools, each of which is very dynamic. Clients need guidance on these tools. Our team helps in configuring innovative functionalities and incorporates them with other lines of business information. Our customers collaborate with us to leverage our ability to comprehend suitable tools for them.

From the start, we will provide you with a main technical point of contact or an expert. He will proactively function to become your team's member. Their main objective is to gain knowledge of your business, your users, and your environment.

We are obligated to take action within the SLA of your plan. Our standard response period is just half an hour. That certainly feels like functioning with a team member who is already aware of your environment. Indeed, that's how a majority of our clients find the experience of working with Support For Emails.

At Support For Emails, we know that the requirements can vary every month. That's why the unused hours roll to the succeeding month. You can view the terms and conditions of your plan for details.