AOL Desktop Gold – Learn How to Download, Install and Uninstall

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AOL Desktop Gold Know How to Download, Install and Uninstall

AOL is one of the best and most advanced email services. It allows users to communicate over email with a browser and fast internet connection. As time passed with emailing, AOL introduced a premium and Avant program, AOL Desktop Gold. It is a service that automatically updates and saves your time and is fantastic. To utilize AOL Gold, then download and install it on your computer. So with this blog, we came up with the procedure to download AOL Desktop Gold to the system and install it with ease. 


First, before installing the AOL gold into the system, you must have the given below components in the system for a perfect download. 


Prepare the System for Download AOL Desktop Gold

To download and install AOL Desktop Gold, your system must contain the following: 


  • Your system must have a free space of 512MB on your hard drive.
  • 1 GB RAM is mandatory.
  • A proper and strong internet connection.
  • An Interner Explorer 7+ browser. 
  • Your computer must contain a processer of 266 MHz or a faster processer. 
  • A computer screen with 1024 x 768 resolution or higher.


After preparing the system now, we proceed to the AOL Gold download procedure.


How to Download AOL Desktop Gold?

In this section, you will get the download procedure for three situations. With the given steps, you can easily go for AOL Gold download for Windows 10 and other versions. 


Situation 1: For AOL Advantage Plan 

  1. Firstly, go to the AOL sign-in page.
  2. Then, sign in to your AOL account.
  3. After that, click on All Products, followed by AOL Desktop Gold.
  4. Now, click on Download. 


Situation 2: For AOL Desktop Gold Subscription or Trial 

In this, we are going to download AOL Desktop Gold if you want a trial or a subscription. Here are the steps:


  1. In the initial step, sign in to the My Account Page.
  2. Secondly, choose the My Services option followed by the Subscriptions. 
  3. Now, go to your email, open your inbox, and search “Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold.”
  4. Then, access the AOL Gold email and then confirm it.
  5. After that, go for “Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now” from the link given in the email.
  6. The download procedure will start. It takes a few seconds if you have strong internet. 
  7. Now, reach the Downloads Folder; after that, you must click on Save.
  8. Here, you will get your AOL Desktop Gold download file.


Now, after download AOL Desktop Gold, it’s time to install the system.


How to Install AOL Desktop Gold?


  1. Firstly, open This Computer.
  2. Then, go to Download Folder from the right.
  3. After that, open the Install_AOL_Desktop file.
  4. Now, click on Run. 
  5. When prompted, click on Install Now option.
  6. Follow the on-screen actions to proceed with the installation.
  7. Restart your computer system to close the AOL Desktop Gold installation. 


With the above, you can easily install the download AOL Desktop Gold file. However, if you want to uninstall AOL Gold instead of installing it, then the following section is for you. 


How to Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold from Windows?

Uninstalling AOL Gold is as easy as the installing procedure. 


For Windows 7 and 8


  1. To uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold, go to the Start, which is a Windows icon.
  2. Now, from the right pane, you have to choose Control Panel.
  3. After that, when you reach the control panel, click on programs>>Uninstall a Program.
  4. Here, you will find a list of programs installed in your Windows system. 
  5. Select AOL Desktop Gold and click at the top bar to choose Uninstall/Change option.
  6. When the dialog box appears, click on Yes to confirm the uninstallation process. 
  7. Now, the uninstallation procedure will start.
  8. When done with uninstall, click OK. 


For Windows 10

  1. To initiate the uninstallation process in Windows 10, press Widows+R keys to access the Run dialog box.
  2. Secondly, type Control Panel in the Run box and go for the Enter button.
  3. Now, the Control Panel will show up.
  4. Here, click on Programs>> Uninstall a Program. 
  5. A list of Windows 10 installed programs will appear.
  6. Choose AOL Desktop Gold and right-click on it, and choose Uninstall 
  7. Now, a window will open asking for Uninstall AOL Desktop Gold. Click on Yes. 
  8. In a few seconds, AOL Gold will uninstall from your Windows 10.
  9. At last, Restart your computer system. 


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Finishing Up

With this blog, we present to you the procedure to download AOL Desktop Gold and install it. The steps are easy to follow, and even a new user also goes for them. And if you are one of them who want to uninstall AOL Gold, then we also take care of that. We also mention the steps for uninstalling the AOL Gold from Windows 10, 8, and 7 versions. 

However, if you feel to consent an Expert, you can contact Support For Emails‘ via Live chat or Email. Thank You!

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